Technical Information

Advanced Colour-Match Testing


The spectral power distribution of the DF System gives you unparalleled light quality and can easily satisfy the need to test under CIE A Tungsten), D50 and D65.

Using a combination of specially designed phosphor composites and the highest quality violet pumped silicone junctions, for confident evaluations of colours, surfaces and samples.

GDS CoB Chip Technology

Cutting edge ‘Low Blue Peak’ spectrum is the closest match to date from LED test sources. The optional F11 modules complete even the most challenging testing environment.

Playback of all standard lighting spectrums can be recalled quickly using the touch panel control surface, guaranteeing a precise and instant comparative view during the testing process.

With such high illuminance levels, it’s important to make sure that Ultra Violet (UV) and Infra-Red (IR) emissions are minimised because these can be harmful to individuals and very damaging to materials. The LED CoB chip technology utilized by DF System only produces light in the visible spectrum, with very little energy in the IR and UV ends of the light spectrum.


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